About Us

CASB ventures, LLC. (CASBV) was founded by a group of senior executives including experts in the IT industry, Biotech research, financial sector, and other corporate management who understand both Chinese and Western systems to meet the needs of investors and entrepreneurs. CASB Ventures LLC provides seed money or early stage financing to qualified ventures worldwide. Backed by the extensive membership network of CASB (The Chinese Association for Science and Business), CASB Ventures LLC offers management consulting, financing and M&A professional services to help new ventures grow and develop new products/services.

Among the 80 partners of the company, more than half of them hold Ph.D. or MBA degrees; most of them have had substantial experiences in different fields, including sciences, technology, finance, law and management. The members of the management team, with diverse and complementary backgrounds, together have had more than a hundred years of experiences in business and investment management.


  • IT, E-commerce, and Biotechnology.
  • Services and support provided by CASB Ventures include, but not limited to:
    • initial seed capital
    • strategic business planning
    • general business consulting
    • technical and other services

Organization Structure

  • The Venture Service Divisions, stationed in the “Hi-tech Parks” in both China and the United States, provide a wide range of business and consulting services, from opportunity evaluation and strategic planning to guiding ventures to the public market.
  • The Fund Management Division, the company's financial arm, provides early stage Hi-tech ventures with value adding equity financing.
  • Investment Banking and Management consulting division. The division provides overseas financing and management consulting services for clients either onsite or offsite both in the US and China. This division will use a variety of marketing, financial and technical analysis tools to evaluate each venture, and render all the necessary supports to develop the technology into a valuable and marketable proprietary or differentiated product/service.

Our Strengths

Unique professional network

Our members have extensive professional contacts and connections with Chinese as well as non-Chinese scientists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in North America and the Greater China, and this professional network makes CASB Ventures an invaluable source of information and a unique investment vehicle.

Close cooperation with Chinese Government

Our focus on technological and business development and our emphasis on the cooperation between Chinese and American corporations resonates with China's policy of opening up to outside world, and our company has developed a close relationship with the Chinese government because many of our partners provide consulting service to the Chinese government at different levels.

Investment alliances

The network also enables CASB Ventures to build worldwide investment alliances.

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