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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed with six members. They have diverse and complementary backgrounds totaling more than 80 collective years of business and investment management experiences.

Daxi Li, Ph.D, the founder and Chairman of the Board. He is also the Chairman of CASB (Chinese Association for Science & Business) and Director of Board of United Orient Bank. He has 10 years of experience at the most prestigious investment banks in the Wall Street.

Bin Li, Ph.D, Director of the Board. founder and CEO of "Westport Finance LLC" and "Tradetrek.com". Prior to founding his own business, Dr. Li had served as Executive Director of Quantitative Analysis Department at Swiss Bank.

Zeqi Zhou, Ph.D, Director of the Board. Dr. Zhou had been a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School for four years. He has successfully developed a well recognized cancer diagnostic method.

Lixin Wu, Managing Director. He has been an IT consultant for financial, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Prior to that he spent many years with AT&T, Bellcore and Dun and Bradstreet as a senior consultant.

Erxin Yao, Director of the Board, Co-Founder of Asia800.com Ltd., an Internet Start-up focusing on total Internet Solutions and e-commerce, operating in both Asia and the US. Before he joined the private sector, he had been working in the public sector focusing on technology in China and spent several years at the United Nations Center for Science and Technology coordinating its regional and global projects.


Daxi Li, CEO

Larry Wu: Managing Director

David Xie: Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

John Liang: Vice President of IT

Lilian Shih: Comptroller

Scientific and Business Advisory committee

Jawkai Wang, Ph.D., Dr. Wang is a Member of National Academy of Engineering of USA

Antoine Danchin, Ph.D., Dr. Danchin, the President of the Scientific Council of Institut Pasteur.

Alfred Roach, Chairman of two NASDAQ listed companies: American Biogenetic Sciences, Inc., and TII Inc.

John Yang, Ph.D., professor of management and Associate Dean of Fordham University Business School, Director of the Beijing international MBA program, a joint venture between 26 us schools and Peking University.

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